Luck Wont Save You

by Luck Wont Save You

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Amy I said "fuck me up" and Luck Wont Save You replied "ok". Favorite track: Unforgivable.
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brutalwizard Robowizard Russel Eck, has crafted 2017's ultimate Melodic death metal album. You need this in your life. Favorite track: Doves Will Cry (Feat. Olas Gardner of Forsythia).
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Self titled full length album released on February 1st, 2017. This album is a complete re-recording and re-master of the original full length released back in 2010 with minor structure changes throughout. The album also includes 3 new songs, an interlude, and a re-release of "So Meaningless" which was on our very first demo.

The album also contains some amazing guest vocals and guitar solos from some prominent members of the metal community.


released February 1, 2017

Recorded, Produced, Engineered, and Mastered by Russell Eck

Drums performed by Jared Klein (Flub, The User Lives)

All other instruments and vocals performed by Russell Eck
Solos performed by Aaron Hall
Music written by Russell Eck and Aaron Hall
All artwork done by Russell Eck

Guest vocals on "Stompdown to a Breakup" by Travis Bartosek
Guest vocals on "Salt of the Catechism" by Thomas Vasquez from WRVTH
Guest vocals on "How Our World Is Destroyed" by Michael Alvarez from FLUB
Guest solo on "Verminous Fabrication" by Stanley Neill
Guest solo on "Waiting... The Anticipation Game" by Bobby Carroll from Cyborg Octopus and Raiju
Guest solo on "Doves Will Cry" by Olas Gardner from Forsythia



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Luck Wont Save You Boise, Idaho

Luck Wont Save You is a Melodic Death Metal band that was formed in Reno, Nevada in 2008. The band gained ground locally in Reno, Nevada but was disbanded shortly after releasing a full length in 2010. The band was reformed in 2013 with original writer, keyboardist, and vocalist Russell Eck and with original drummer Jared Klein. LWSY will continue to write new music and release digital albums. ... more

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Track Name: Loquacious_Rapacious
With passion I pursue an infallible truth that doesn't seem to exist within a species so flawed
Crushing suppression breathing down the spine of my psyche
Born to believe that the final ambition of social interaction is inherently innocuous
Maybe even beneficial...
But I see right through that fucking thinly veiled bullshit
Pretension so great that I fucking choke on my own hope
A tournament to see who has the biggest dick
To step over and destroy whoever stands in front of them
All with a childlike smile, a facade of kindness and caring
These narcissistic, endogenous tendencies stack bodies so high
I am so fucking disgusted
Wretching on the fake garbage slathered across people’s faces
Holed up in my corner of solitude I stand fucking firm
I fucking slit the throat of any god damn piece of shit who tries to encroach on my backbone
I cannot seem to end this infallible truth that doesn’t ever fucking end
Burn the corpses fucking tear the city down, it will never end
Track Name: So Meaningless
Hiding behind the mask of true tranquility
No one will ever know your true center
A creeping disease that slowly tears your soul apart
So benign and indistinguishable from your own thoughts
Pulsating with the passion of self-preservation while exuding a toxin in your wake
Life for you, more anguish than joy
When will you come to realize that this is the way out of this artificial world
Just don't lie to your true fucking self
Lies are now the way of the world
The way of your twisted god damn never ending lie
You are just an empty shell and you are drowning in this world
Your soul will never find its way and I will laugh and I will say
Your life is so meaningless
Searching for a beacon of an answer to a nightmare
An empty shell that is slowly drowning in a world of intangible thoughts
My god what a nightmare you live in
It's time to fucking wake up, time to fucking pull away
Mouth agape with a twisted jaw that boils over with disdain
My god what a nightmare you live in
Just close your eyes and slit your throat
Your life means nothing
Track Name: Alone In Reverie
I ask of you now, “How deep can beauty run?”
I will be that itch in the back of your mind
I look to the sky; press palm to my chest and now feel my heart break
These days fold into oblivion
I am all alone in agony
The diametric of what is probably between your thighs
Take these words, this poem, this soliloquy, and fucking think about how I feel
You have left a graveyard in your wake, the breathless bodies of my hopes and dreams
The agony
Alone in this world; So lonely in this reverie
I hope you taste your fucking medicine because tonight the sky is fire
Write these truths across the sky -“This is not the end of a world we knew, the pain and glory of love”
Track Name: Stompdown To A Breakup (Feat. Travis Bartosek)
What the fuck is going on in this world?
Take my hand I’ll only give you this one chance
A loveless taste; fraudulent appetite and craving
“You Lied!” I cried. “The Lies! The Lies! We were meant to be!”
Oh my god the lies you create
Oh my fucking god the lies you create
You’re weak willed; I won’t end your suffering
Sadness will prevail ending our future
I can see your filthy soul
You broke my heart and you fucking know it
Bring me to my god damn knees? I won’t forget about it
Track Name: Unforgivable
I set my hopes so high only to be ruined, toppled by the greatest passion of mine
The lies that bled out your ears for the world to see who you truly are
Lies! Drinking down the poison of your sorrow
What are you so scared of now? Giving up on all of this
Giving every excuse but the right one, Unforgivable
Dreams turn to nightmares; Nightmares turn to dreams, Nightmares every night
Here I am now on my knees with these tears etched in my face
The words you said to me cut out my heart and bled my soul
The future slowly decays away, Clouded once again
Reaching the point of no return; this will never be the same
And now I see it in your eyes, see it in your face, feel it in your heart
These lies that bind us forever
Take my will from me; I will never forgive you now
My heart is dead, my heart is dead
My heart is dead because of you
I hope you enjoy the show
I don’t trust my heart in your hands
No, I don't trust my heart in your hands now
Track Name: Doves Will Cry (Feat. Olas Gardner of Forsythia)
You won’t get the fucking best of me
Your end is something that I can guarantee
Now know that I will never forget
The sound of your last precious ounce of regret
Look at what you have become
You’re a god damn whore spreading your filthy legs anywhere you can
What would your daddy think of what you have become?
I’m sure that he’d be so proud of every dick you’ve ever….
I know you will never forget the crazy way that we had met
Now it’s just a god damn dream, twisted torn and shattered scene
The sun will rise; these days will pass
You’re life has become a mistake and now I am laughing
Doves will cry at the sound of your siren’s song and intent to kill my only hope
Doves will die from the sound of your fabrications. The world turns over in its grace
Doves will cry as you die. Light this match and end it all
Torn up from every “bro” in town
I can smell your filthy fucking stench from here
And you still crave to spread your legs one last time?
Spread your fucking legs and make those fucking parents proud
Take it all, Spread your fucking legs and prove what a girl you truly are
Harlot, Jezebel
In a world filled with broken hearts and shattered dreams
Walks a man unwilling to accept an imperfect world
Doves cry as you open your legs taking away your innocence
Doves cry as you open your legs stealing back their only hope
These doves cry as love dies
Spread those legs and take it all bitch
Track Name: How Our World Is Destroyed (Feat. Michael Alvarez of FLUB)
I feel my heart break, this is not the end
My heart is now free from your filthy lies
When will you break free from your twisted mind?
When will you break free from your fucking lies?
The world collapses on itself; you’re just to fucking blind to see
And when it ends what did it all mean?
You were a goddamn waste of time, these crazy thoughts bring clarity
You are now just a memory
And now the world falls to its knees
Was your life shaped by time?
And now the world comes to an end
I see right through you… I see right through you…
Why did it have to come to this?
Down on your knees you must confess that I see right through you
This world is not meant to be, falling from grace; you’re down on your face
And this is the way that our world is destroyed
Your life is just a fucking twisted lie ripping our world apart
I now can see through you; now my heart is free
And this world, its chokes, it gasps for life; It bleeds, it dies, it prays for light
And I can help you fucking drown in this world you’ve created for yourself
Oh my god
This world finally comes to an end
And my heart is free from lies
Track Name: Allegiance of Hypocrisy
The crepuscular light slowly creeps across the facade
The caliginous face of a world we once knew
Long forgotten, left to die, expire, wither away
A sickness flowing across the land, a liquid of pure consumption
A gaping maw, a greedy gullet
My god will this ever fucking stop spreading?
Drifting between planes of consciousness and insomniatic delusion
Never able to fully be an enrapt audience
Applauding the disgusting bile that pulsates from avarice
Splitting and shaking at the sound of thunderous hands gone awry
Gone so fucking very awry
An oscillation that passes from synapse
Congruency, an alignment of passion for destruction
There is no "god" to stop all of this
A never ending discussion of "the end", "the saved", "the faith", or "the faithless"
Nothing proven, assumption, all based upon the final hours
A massive wager that none have come to bear witness
It's never ending, a generator of hatred, animosity
A generation of hatred, creation of animosity, malice from the deep within, it's never ending
The "good" creates the evil from deep within
Through intolerance and dogmatism
Unaligned beliefs is the putrid stew brewed up for all to consume
This crepuscular light reveals the truth hidden behind this facade
This will never be undone
Track Name: Waiting... The Anticipation Game (Feat. Bobby Carroll of Cyborg Octopus and Raiju)
You will haunt my existence, my every waking moment
Disgust pouring out of my eyes but time has purged me of your wickedness
What did this one night mean? I thought that it would heal my forgotten soul
You’re the death on my lips; the knife in my back and the screams in the air
Scream! They won’t hear you now
And the blood on my hands is your lust and your lies
But time has purged me of your wickedness
Been alone for so long in this hollow world
Was that night worth my time? Dreaming of the day that will come when you will stop speaking
Slit your throat you won’t scream again
Pools of lust flow out of your veins
Feed me lies and bring me more pain
But time has purged me of your wickedness
Lead me on like the autumn leaves swaying in the breeze
Time will wait for no one
Why did you (Why did you?) Throw your voice (Your voice) To the wind and scream my name?
One day you will see (You’ll See) that to live is to bleed (to bleed) and infinitely struggle
In this game (This game) that is life (That’s life). Waiting, always fucking waiting
Now feed me the fear of your contempt
Screaming eyes and blood filled tears
Can you save me from this dream?
This twisted torn and shattered scene that will never end
How can it be that your heart is not your own?
I walk through this dream just to scream at the top of my lungs, “This world is made up of lies that will not ever end!”
Track Name: Tales Of A Pathological Falsifier
Do you remember that one ill fated day?
The day I hoped and prayed to come to resolve everything you fucking destroyed
And what for?
An hour of a day that seemed like ten years
Do you know what love is?
It is certainly not lying behind my fucking back you goddamn liar
Do you know what?
Fuck this! It doesn’t even matter since you’re a god damn liar
I already knew you were a liar now!
Can this be the ending to the story you forced upon me now?
No need to waste my time dwelling on lost memories
Now’s my time to shine! Shine without you
I will leave this all behind, fuck you
You sat in my room and told me that you love me, but you were not in love with me
What the fuck does that mean?
You sat in my room and now said “Can’t you see?”
Then I replied, “When will this be the end of all your lies? the end of your own heart and soul?” And our souls will never love again
Crucified by lies that never breathe the light of day
These cruel days will
Pass us by
My eyes are now open
To your lies
I already knew you were a liar now
Track Name: Salt Of The Catechism (Feat. Thomas Vasquez of WRVTH)
A flash across a myopic thought, lusting for perfection
Flawed to the deepest of depths, an impeccable creation this has become
Plunging, screaming to the acrid note of fucking enviousness
Snap judgement, a true path to crossed fundamentals
Loathing spreads across the face of all that observe
A guise, a facade to the palatable spectacle
Wrought with the fatigue of judgmental creation
To beholden in front of all
Selection based upon fables, destruction
These bodies stack so high, built into the mountain side, a tool for the notorious
Creativity has become trivial
Guiding to destruction, disillusionment, famine
Idyllic smiles spread across the parasitic pawns faces
Bowing, praising thin air
Oh my god what a fucking joke
What a fucking joke you are
Praising your anemic soul
When will you see you're destroying the world
Track Name: Verminous Fabrication (Feat. Stanley Neill)
We can’t survive
The truth will face us, breathing love into our lungs
And deceit will rise, the beginning of the end
These eyes bleed an ocean of regret
I fell for your dreams and the promises that seemed like they would keep unto eternity
So much sorrow in the heart that even the stars could see
A battle spilled out onto everyone and everything in sight
Can this be the truth of your ghastly tale?
All of this time I’ve wasted shows me one thing
Humanity has lost its charm; A fake diamond ring
Just say the words “We Can’t Survive!” While walking through clouded doubts
And playing your childish games you lying bitch
The shame
If only you had a spine then you would feel the shame
If only you had a goddamn spine then you would feel the shame of your fucking life
A verminous fabrication you have created
Walk to the ends of the Earth and scream out my name